...our goal is to encourage the development of each child's cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills, as well as spiritual growth in order to prepare each child for the formal learning experience. We provide a learning environment where student-centered learning takes place through exploration, play, experimentation, and discovery. Your child will be encouraged to try new tasks, use their imagination, make friends, follow directions, focus their energy and develop a love of learning. 





Julie Vail 


The HPCUMC Preschool Parent Organization's purpose is to make a positive difference to the school and the community.  The PPO supports the school through fundraising efforts, recognition for our teachers and staff and fun activities for our students and their families.  Our intent is to provide a variety of events to accommodate busy schedules and diverse interests. All proceeds from the school's fundraising activities are used towards supplies, furniture or potential whole-school experiences.  Working together with the school, we hope to enhance the quality of the preschooler's experience.

Parents and caregivers can easily stay informed of all events hosted by the Preschool Parent Organization through their class Room Parent. Communication will be provided using multiple channels and delivered multiple times prior to the event in order to reach the majority of the parents and caregivers of our students.  We will circulate fliers for upcoming events on bulletin boards throughout the school and through email.  In addition, information will be updated in a timely fashion on the committee's Facebook page.  Please "like" our Facebook page to stay connected.

HPCUMC Preschool Parent Organization

At HPCUMC Preschool, ...

Below are the events we have planned during our school year.


Spirit wear t-shirt sale


Family FUN Night at the Farm


Book Drive


Drive-In Movie 6-7:30

Chipotle Night 4-8 PM


Teacher Appreciation Week

Music With Me Events


Breakfast Social
Ongoing Fundraisers
Kroger Community Rewards

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