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Music with Mrs. Zent is an integral part of our Preschool program.  Every week our preschoolers travel to music class for a twenty-minute, hands-on interactive music lesson. Mrs. Zent uses a curriculum titled 'The First Steps in Music' which exposes our preschoolers to a variety of music styles, instruments and skills.


Chapel is an experience we added to HPCUMC Preschool in October 2013. Our vision for this experience is that each child would be introduced (or perhaps reintroduced) to a God who loves them unconditionally and considers them precious. Each lesson teaches a simple truth, rooted in Christ’s love, and is demonstrated through songs, puppet shows, bible lessons, and activities.

Chapel is held twice a month and helps shepherd children in learning love and respect for self and others. If you are curious or interested we invite you to join us for Chapel as often as you'd like!

Sports 4 Kids

Sports 4 Kids is a physical education program that is unique to HPCUMC Preschool. Every class joins Mr. Mac twice a month for a 20-minute PE class. The children work on locomotor skills (e.g., running, hopping, skipping) and non-locomotor skills (e.g., bending, stretching and twisting) with control, coordination and balance during active play.

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