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At HPCUMC Preschool, our goal is to encourage the development of each child's cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills, as well as spiritual growth in order to prepare each child for life-long learning. We provide a learning environment where student-centered learning takes place through exploration, play, experimentation, and discovery.

HPCUMCP Philosophy


Wellness Policy

It is our goal to keep the spread of germs to a minimum, and we accomplish this through frequent hand-washing with soap and water. If your child is ill or has one or more of the following symptoms please keep them home.

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Discipline Policy

Discipline is the responsibility of the teacher and/or the assistant teacher or the one responsible for the safety of the children at that time. Constructive, developmentally appropriate child guidance and management techniques will be used at all times and will include such measures as redirection, separation from problem situations, talking with the child about the situation and encouragement of appropriate behavior.


Parent Participation

Typically parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in school activities. Some classes need help with story recording, materials development or even sharing personal interests or cultural background. Other classes might request parent's help with seasonal classroom parties. 

Communicable Diseases

HPCUMC Preschool provides children with a clean and healthy environment. However, we realize that children become ill from time to time. If this is your child's first group experience, it is possible that they may encounter more frequent illnesses at the beginning of the school year before their immune system becomes more active. We observe all children as they enter the classroom to quickly assess their general health. We ask that you do not bring a sick child to school.

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Potty Training

Children are not required to be toilet trained in order to begin school, but it is highly recommended. Parents of these children may wish to be contacted to come in to change their child for the comfort of the child.  Please discuss the school's potty training policy with the preschool director if this may be an issue for your child.


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Record Keeping

Children's records are kept in the Preschool office. Parents are required to file medical information, emergency information and authorization for medical emergency care prior to the first day of school. Your child's forms must reflect a physical dated within one year of the present time. You will be asked to update the physical form during the year if it is time for a physical.

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